Rock, Paper, Scissors

Import Random

I used import random to simulate the other player, which is the bot

If statements

I used if statements to compare the player's input and the bot's input.

Project Name: Rock Paper Scissors by Python

Achievement: IgniteCS Programming Expo 2020 1st Place Project Award

Description: I used Python to build a Rock Paper Scissors game when I was in 5th grade. I used "import random" command to simulate the opponents that the player is playing with. Then there will be a while loop. Inside the while loop, an input command is applied to ask you if you choose rock, paper or scissors. Then we will store this user's input as a variable, followed by using if statements to compare the input with the choice that the bot makes. In the game, I used the variable counters to count the time you lose, win, and tie. At the end of each while loop, players can choose to end the game based another user input: if "yes" is chosen, then the while loop will break and the game will be terminated.