How it works?

Text to Speech

Using a for loop, we loop through a list of all the lines in the file that is passed in from either Png to Text or readFileText. We create a new Game Object to display each lines text. The Voice is powered by the line of code that says, System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("say", voice);

Which calls the say command available on MacOS and passes in a voice (We set as Bruce).

Input Text

Using Unity's Input Field we are able to capture the text of our user, in multiple lines. We then get everyone of those lines and pass them into the Text to Speech function.

Png to Text

We use a Microsoft machine learning algorithm that reads in the photo as an array of bytes. The Algorithm loops through the array to find any characters that are recognized as words. It returns all the recognized words as a Json file, that we convert into a readable text file.